Water Delivery Service

Looking for water delivery? Our refreshing purified bottled water can now be delivered directly to your door with our water delivery service.


Wide Choose

Our delivery service provides a range of services:
Water for the house. There is no longer a need to carry heavy bottles from the store - we will deliver them to your home and, if desired, we will bring them to the apartment and install them on the cooler.
Water for the office. We deliver cylinders to commercial and government organizations, business centers, sports, educational and other institutions.
Coolers and pumps. We sell various types of water bottling machines: pumps, floor and table coolers, as well as offer them for rent, carry out repairs and maintenance. It is recommended to clean the equipment once every three months - contamination that occurs during operation can affect the quality of the water.
Related products. You can order everything you need to prepare fragrant hot drinks - popular brands of tea and coffee, disposable tableware, napkins and other accessories.

Delivery charge

Delivery charges €10. Delivery 1-3 working days after payment made. No delivery on Saturday, Sunday & Public holiday, after working hours 5.30pm. Delivery only to ground Floor, first floor, second floor staircase or with lift facility. We supply all types of brands based on stock availability. If we unable to contact customer or unable to receive during delivery, we will leave delivery package at Guard house, mail room, outside house. During water disruption crisis, delivery will delay 2-4 days, please order ahead if there is water disruption news. 

Our Mission

We source our water from deep wells, and it meets strict standards for bottled water. And you can be sure to enjoy the same crisp, clean taste wherever you pick up a bottle. Every drop in every bottle of our natural drinking water goes through a rigorous quality process. That’s how we can make sure it meets our high safety standards, and tastes great too.



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